A Stunning Display

To kick things off, after the unexpected announcement of Vssystem.com’s daily articles being shelved, the VS community has rallied together to carry on providing top-notch articles through the use of our individual blogs. Some were already in existence, such as stubarnes’ Full.Body.Transplant., whilst new blogs have sprung up, washed in with the sudden tide of enthusiasm for our superb hobby, including WalterKovac’s Rorschach Ink Blog. And if it couldn’t possibly get any better than that, Kamiza has provided us all with a central hub so we don’t ever miss out on a blog again. (My RSS feed bar is getting rather full now, as I guess many other’s are too!) Bravo, sir.

Now, on to this article’s deck. Whilst I’ve presented a similar deck before, it was focused solely on the X-Men. Whilst that’s certainly no bad thing, especially as I wouldn’t have anything to blog about otherwise, it was time to spread my horizons, and to reach far, far away from them. To be specific, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Okay, so maybe not that far away, but they’ve been the X-Men’s primary foes ever since Issue #4 back in 1964, even if the relationship between the two teams has been a rather osmotic one.

So, on to the actual deck itself. Everyone knows the first and foremost aim of VS System is to have fun. The second aim is to win. And the third is to STUN AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Well, it is for me anyhows. If all of your opponent’s characters are stunned, then you can go right ahead, and start applying straight-to-the-face damage with your characters. So, with an uncanny team-up of X-Men and the Brotherhood, I present:

The Stun-Nine-Eight.


3x Multiple Man (MXM)
3x Multiple Man (MVL)
4x Gambit, Swamp Rat
4x Xorn, Shen Xorn
4x Magneto, Mutant Terrorist
4x Magneto, Mutant Supreme
4x Rogue, Power Absorption
2x Wolverine, The Best At What He Does
2x Mammomax, Maximus Jensen
1x Sentinel Mark VII, Repurposed
1x Spiral, Freedom Force
1x Juggernaut, The Unstoppable
1x Magneto, Master of Magnetism

Plot Twists.

4x Fastball Special
4x Children of The Atom
3x The 198, Team-Up
4x Savage Beatdown
3x X-Men Assemble
3x Mobilize
3x Finishing Move


2x Xavier’s Institute of Higer Learning

As stated above, the intention is to cause as much stun potential as possible, hopefully clearing the board for another character to attack the opponent directly. Multiple Man is there to provide both discard-fodder for cards such as Gambit and  Children of The Atom, and also to be placed bravely in the front line for Fastball Special.

Also included are cards to help deal with any stuns that come my way. Aside from the aforementioned C.O.T.A, X-Men Assemble means that when characters recover, they gain a +1/+1 counter. Placing multiple copies of this into my Resource Row should mean low-cost characters can still stay with the curve as the game enters the mid-section. Xorn allows a free recovery during the Recovery Phase, Wolverine recovers himself anyway, and it doesn’t really matter too much if Mammomax gets stunned.

The ideal opening hand to open on, and mulligan for, is one with The 198 Team-Up card, an X-Men Assemble, and Gambit. The 198 card is near-essential to making sure this deck runs smoothly, otherwise the various (X)-related effects are harder to pull off. If you’re really hell-bent on getting that Team-Up, you can always pack a few copies of Teamwork to search it out with. Anything else is handy and goes towards the stun-tastic experience to follow.


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