…and New Marvel Universe Hulk Cards.

Blimey, slightly info-packed today it seems. Over at VSsystem.com, there’s not one, but two previews of new Hulk cards from the forthcoming Marvel Universe set.

Looking at the 4-drop Hulk, the usage of a ‘gamma counter’ indicates a number of similar effects will be in play for Hulk, and possibly the Warbound team as a whole. Obviously, it takes it’s influence from the ‘Cosmic’ ability, whilst ensuring that a team-up with Cosmic teams such as Heralds of Galactus doesn’t result in Hulk being given a godly amount of counters to result in a broken card. I notice that his ability to stun 2-drop characters in play doesn’t specify just opposing characters, which means some tactical consideration is probably needed as to whether getting rid of the enemy’s 2-drops is worth the cost of your own as well. However, with “The” Ben Seck’s description of a ‘lone-character’ system for the Warbound team, mostly focusing on Hulk, it seems likely you won’t have a 2-drop in play at Turn 4 anyway, which mitigates the effect the ability will have on yourself.

The second card, Caiera, initially seems a little weak for a 6-drop ability, until you notice that the text Hulk gains doesn’t include the phrase ‘cannot cause breakthrough’, meaning that, for instance, you can use Hulk, Savage Hulk twice in a row, so that if somehow you didn’t win the game on your first swing with the character, your newly-found second attack is going to cause even more serious damage. A very effective tactic if the opponent manages to reinforce the first time round, and also another potential game-ender in a Coming of Galactus game.

That’s the only cards that were previewed for today, with more coming up during the week, the links to which can be found in the article on VSsystem.com


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