Back From The UK Nationals…

…where I managed to crash and burn almost completely. After a couple of months of deck-testing Brotherhood, and coming up tops a large amount of the time, the deck itself failed horribly on the day, due to some magnificently bad card-draws. Much under-dropping, and lack of needed plot twists occurred, and no Mobilizes etc. being drawn to go and get the characters.

The most consistent thing about the deck, was that Avalanched! would be drawn the turn after I needed it without fail. That was rather a kick in the teeth five times in a row. I have no doubt when I go back to playing the deck ‘normally’ it’ll perform perfectly fine again, but that’s not going to help me secure a place at the World Championships. It seems that there’ll need to be one more Elite Series before June for me to secure 7 or more PC points in time, or some Last Chance Qualifiers in the days before the big event itself.

However I manage it, I’m making it to those World Championships.


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