Best. VS. Game. Ever

I’ve just come from a game on MWS, playing a Modern Brotherhood against a Gotham Knights/Doom Patrol/Horsemen of Apocalypse deck, and by goodness I’ve never had such an exhilirating match. There was never a clear point where you could say one or the other was going to win, and we both pulled out all the stops to try and win.

The game managed to reach Turn 9, with me having hit a perfect curve throughout, with a Magneto in play, Sentinel Mark VII, Juggernaut on 7, and Xorn on Turn 8. The opposing player built up his 5-drop Apocalypse to the 20/20 counter stage, and recruited his 8-drop Apocalypse on Turn 8. It was at this point I felt my heart sank, as I had forgotten to use Juggernaut’s ability to KO the two resources the turn before, which would have meant he’d be stuck with lower drops, which could have won me the game at that point, having Sentinel Mark VII, Juggernaut, Magneto 4-drop and Pyro in play. However, using Apocalypse’s KO ability, it came down to a one-on-one showdown between Apocalypse and Xorn, a true clash of the titans.

With a pesky single +1/+1 counter, His 21/21 meant my 20/20 couldn’t stun back, and I was down 9 endurance, leaving myself and him at 4 and 5 endurance respectively. Praying for a miracle, we went to turn 9, and I managed to pull Random, and a Big Leagues. I stuck the Big Leagues down in resource, recruited Random, and instantly used his -3 DEF ability. Combat came around, and Random was KO’d to Apocalypse’s ability. For the first time with this deck, I was glad I had the odd initiative, and swung into Apocalypse, at his -3 DEF, and played the Big Leagues to take the game.

I was so darn sure that I was going to lose the game when he was able to recruit the 8-drop Apocalypse due to my oversight on turn 7 with Juggernaut’s resource KO, so I’m thrilled I managed to win that by the skin of my teeth. To TreeHug, whomever you might be, thank you for a truly fantastic game of VS, which has relighted the spark for me after being a bit down in the dumps after the UK Nationals.


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