Constructing a Legend: Conclusion

The Characters were assembled, the Plot Twists decided upon, all that was left to do, was to try and make a deck out of all of these. Unfortunately, with only 60 cards to play around with, some cards were going to get the boot. Jean Grey <> Teen Telepath was out, as I had enough 2-drops as it was, and her card-drawing ability would only do so much to help me out.

Next to go were the 7-drops Rogue <> Anna Marie, and X-Man <> Nate Grey. I already had my stunalicious Wolverine, and three end-game characters was too much, especially when space was getting restricted. Finally, Homo Superior was abandoned in favour of X-Men Assemble.

With the slight shuffling out of the way, the arrangement of cards was next. I needed to ensure I had 4 copies of Gambit for each drop he was at, whilst also ensuring I still had a viable playing field in the event of missing him. My original plan included more copies of Multiple Man, but again, due to space restrictions, the number was reduced.

And so, I present the Gambit Legend deck. Or as I will be calling it, in an attempt to decipher Access’s message:

So I Plot-Twisted Gambit, Boosting His Damage, And Ensured My Fame


5 x Multiple Man MXM
5 x Multiple Man MVL

3 x Cyclops <> Fearless Leader
2 x Iceman <> Deep Freeze
1 x Wolverine <> Bloodlust

Plot Twists.

4 x Fastball Special
4 x Finishing Move
3 x Turnabout
3 x Children Of The Atom
2 x X-Men Assemble

60 Cards Total

  • The arrangement of Multiple Man may be changed, to all 10 being from the MXM expansion, so that multiplicity is used to it’s uppermost levels. If you wanted to make the deck more Multiple Man orientated, you could remove a few non-Stun Plot Twists and characters, to get up a few more, but you’d probably be compromising your deck’s playability.
  • A forseeable problem-opponent would be a Doom deck that made constant use of the KO pile. In this instance, replace Finishing Move with Mutant Massacre, and try to include some more ‘Mutant’ labelled cards from the MXM expansion. Then, ignore the Army cards, and focus on using Mutant Massacre on the Dr. Doom cards that allow recruitment from the KO pile. Once they’re out of the game, your opponent will have a hard time getting those Moloids etc. back into play once you’ve KO’d them.

Why Did I Choose Some of These Characters?

Havok / Cyclops – Save for Havok’s great Stun powers, I picked these two, as in the alternate universe of X-Men: The End, Gambit is revealed to be a clone of Mr Sinister, enhanced by Summers DNA to give him powers, effectively making him the third Summers brother.

Wolverine – When Gambit first appeared back in the early 1990’s, he had a training match with Wolverine in the Danger Room, and thoroughly whooped Wolverine’s behind, with the immortal line as he held his staff like a mock gun over Wolverine’s head. “Bang. You dead.”

Iceman – In the past few years, both Iceman and Gambit have had their powers boosted to previously inaccessible levels, resulting in side-effects for the both of them. Gambit’s being that he overcharged one of his cards, and it exploded in his face, blinding him for a few months.

Rogue – This one hopefully shouldn’t need an explanation, but for the uninformed, Rogue is Gambit’s on/off girlfriend of the past seventeen years of comics. Rogue’s power is the main barrier between them, meaning they can’t even kiss without her stunning Gambit and absorbing his powers and memories.

Cable – Very recently, Gambit & Sunfire have travelled to Cable’s floating island, Providence, and had a fight there. Who wins? Who survives? You’ll have to read the comics yourself, as I’m not going to tell. Plus I’m a few issues behind.

So, there you have it. A Gambit Legends deck that can never be played at an official tournament, thanks to a lack of Gambit-love from UDE. I’m sure I’ll probably get some use out of it in casual play though, and I’ll be sure to speak with a French accent whilst doing so.


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