Constructing a Legend Pt.2

So, the task had been set out before me. I had to sort my washing out, make a sandwich, and construct a Silver-Age Gambit legends deck. With four Golden-Age cards. Going by the texts on each of the Gambit cards, it seemed apt to try and go for an X-Men stun deck, using cards from the X-Men and Marvel Legends expansions.

Mostly because save for Heralds of Galactus and some Marvel Team-Up, that was all I owned.

With many Exhaust/Stun effects requiring a character discard, only one man was good enough for the task. This was mainly due to the fact he could in fact have 40-odd versions of himself at once. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.

Whilst the newer version has a 2/2 Attack and Defence, it’s his earlier version that I’m looking at, which means that when Multiple Man becomes stunned, you can place two more cards named Multiple Man in its place, in a ready position. This means an ability to get many more of the 2/2 version out in play, then would normally be possible, which would also provide Exhaust/Stun fodder for later on, as well as adding little boosts to Team-Attacks.

Next up, were my 2-drops. Obviously, Gambit <> Swamp Rat was to be there, but so also, was Jean Grey <> Teen Telepath , who would allow me to draw a card when she entered play. Professor X <> Idealistic Dreamer and Havok <> Unstable Son formed a small Tag-Team for the rest of Turn 2, so that Havok could be readied again for Turn 3, and could use a +1/+1 boost from a Plot Twist to be discussed later.

With the 3-drops, considering I was planning on having as many copies of Multiple Man in play as humanly possible, it would be foolish not to have Cable <> Nathan Summers, who would deal 1 point of endurance damage for each (X) symbol character in play. Giving him a hand in the straight-damage stakes would be Wolverine <> Logan, who only needs you to reveal an (X) card from your hand to recruit, which would be one of my remaining Multiple Man cards. As Gambit would say; “Bang, you dead.” At least for this turn anyhows, especially as Gambit <> Swamp Rat can still automatically stun any 3-Drop the opponent would recruit.

Turn 4, and and Gambit <> Remy LeBeau can come into play, adding another 3-drop stun, as well as Havok <> Critical Mass, who can now stun characters of cost 5 or less during the recovery phase. His recruitment is also simpler, due to the fact he can simply replace a Havok already in play, as can Gambit with his lower-cost card. Also, what would a Gambit deck be, without his lovely Rogue <> Power Absorption? This card is one of the best uses of her power in the game, in my opinion, and allows her to ‘borrow’ Havok’s 5-drop stun for herself, meaning you can carry on wiping the opponent’s board clean of new recruits.

Turn 5, and the Gambit <> Ragin’ Cajun can come into play, along with the other Summers brother, Cyclops <> Fearless Leader, for some direct-damage help. Hopefully, Havok will still be in play, along with Rogue, and so more 5 and below stunning can occur.

As we get into the last of the character cards as 6 and 7-drops, Iceman <> Deep Freeze comes into play, to mess up the opponent’s actions for next turn with characters being unable to ready, and is also an Energy card for the 5-drop Gambit to discard if the need arises. The 7-drop will be Wolverine <> Bloodlust, to wipe the board of any character cards, thanks to having recruited Wolverine back at Turn 3. If this isn’t the case, X-Man <> Nate Grey and Rogue <> Anna Marie fill in for their own slightly lesser bonuses.

That was the characters sorted out, next up, the Plot Twists and locations, but more on that tomorrow.


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