Constructing a Legend Pt.3

So, I had my character cards sorted out. I knew who was meant to be doing what and when, but they still needed that extra helping hand, which is where the Plot Twists will be coming in.

First off, considering this is primarily an Exhaust/Stun deck, there’s one card that’s near-essential; Fastball Special. During my attack step, I can exhaust two characters, and stun an opponent’s character. Considering the number of Multiple Man cards I’ll be trying to have out, this card alone could potentially help me wipe an opponent’s board, even in the latter stages of the game, if I decide to underdrop and and have 5-7 Multiple Men in play. This then leaves any other characters I have left free from earlier turns to do direct endurance damage to the other player.

A second card to compliment this theme is Finishing Move. With so much stunning going on with characters, it’d be a waste not to include this card, which gives a free KO before the Recovery Phase. If you were to tweak this deck, and include some more Mutant cards from the X-Men expansion, then Mutant Massacre is a viable alternative, and also has an Ongoing effect of disabling your opponent from recruiting that card again for the rest of the game.

Next up, as some of the eager-eyed amongst you may have noticed, the 4-drop Gambit <> Remy LeBeau only has an Attack/Defence of 6/6, which is a bit below average for my liking. A nice card to counteract this is Turnabout. If Gambit survives to Turn 5, and you haven’t got Gambit <> Rajin’ Cajun in your hand at this point, this brings Gambit up to a 9/9, which are reasonable stats for this turn. Aside from this, there’s a number of ATK buffs that each have their own merits, but for this instance, I’ll use Homo Superior, seeing as 95% of other VS cards are non-Mutants, it’s in fact an almost guaranteed +4 ATK boost, which is nothing to turn your nose up at.

(It’s worth pointing out that Assorted Aliases provideds a +3/+3 for a discard of the same character, different version, but currently, I’ve found it tricky to track down for a reasonable price.)

As this will be an X-Men affiliated deck, Children of The Atom is a good choice, especially considering Havok <> Critical Mass requires you to stun him, and Rogue will be copying that effect. This means you can Havok->Stun, Rogue->Stun, then use Children of The Atom to recover one, and use your free recovery for the other.

Unfortunately, the X-Men have never really had an ideal deck-searching card, save for the always-expensive Mobilize and Enemy of My Enemy. I’ll be putting two Mobilize into my deck list, as I was lucky enough to get them, but otherwise you’ll be stuck with Cerebro and Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning. Unless you have the money to burn of course.

That’s it for this entry, now that I have my cards chosen, I’ll compile a final decklist, and hopefully have it up soon.

ADDENDUM: I completely forgot, X-Men Assemble, from the Age of Apocalypse set, gives a +1/+1 every time a Stunned X-Men character recovers, and is Ongoing.


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