Constructing a Legend

Since about March/April, I’ve been playing a Collectible Card-Game called VS. It’s similar to others like Magic: The Gathering and the World of Warcraft TCG, except for that fact it’s actually good, and fun to play. Instead of generic fantasy creatures and wizards, you instead get the greatest individuals known to mankind.


That’s right. Some of the most well-known figures, and undiscovered gems, of the comic-book universe are available to battle against one another.With approximately 3,500 cards currently available, and more expansions on the horizons, it’ll be difficult not to find your favourite Marvel or DC hero, or indeed, villain, and construct a deck around them or their team.

And that’s what I’m here for today.

To me, the X-Men have always embodied the concept of the superhero. Ordinary people given powers by a simple altered gene, saving the world on numerous occasions, and yet, being feared and loathed by many of those they seek to protect. And out of this courageous group, one man stands out to me, who both embodies the concept of ‘cool’, and can somehow make a brown trenchcoat with pink actually look good.

I’ve been an avid collector of all things Gambit for a few years now, and admit to spending around £200 on Gambit paraphernalia in one day alone at a comic-book convention. Thus, when enquiring about the VS System at my local store, the mention of there being two Gambit cards at the time sealed my interest, and my money for two boxes of cards.

Now, in October 2007, a new Gambit card has arrived in the Marvel Legends deck, along with the tournament format of ‘Build a Legend’, in which out of 60 cards, 12 of them must be centered on a particular character, or have their name in relevant text. With a limit of 4 of any type of card in a deck, the arrival of a new Gambit would allow a deck themed on him. That is, until I noticed that the format was Silver Age (a set number of recent expansions) which meant one of the Gambit cards (see left) was ineligible for entry, due to having been around since the start of the game.

However, undeterred, I shall go to the trouble of building up a Gambit-themed deck, and keeping to Silver Age mechanics, save for the four cards from the dawn of time.


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