Elite Pt.2

So, Doomed Earth was a possible deck choice. Originally, my other two were Heralds Stall, and X-Men Energy Burn. The former, I realised, probably wasn’t going to stand up in competitive play, seeing as some of the ‘essential’ plot twists were missing, as the deck had been constructed out of left-over cards from the HoG deck. (I had focused on Dr. Dr. Doom collecting.)

My X-Men Energy Burn was constructed solely of cards from the X-Men expansion, and after reading up a bit, it seemed that though some strong cards were present, the best way to go from that deck was X-Mental, which I didn’t really fancy playing. My main bugbear, was that in an X-Men deck, I really wanted to have Mutant Massacre in there, due to its extraordinary removal of a character from a game permanently. If Quickfate was to show up at my Elite Series, this card would probably be my one shot at getting rid of Quicksilver <> Inhuman By Marriage as quick as possible, before he got ‘Fated Up’.

(For those who are still relatively new, this means Quicksilver being equipped with the Fate Artifact cards, and becoming pretty much unstoppable.)

To use Mutant Massacre required the discard of a ‘Mutant’ card, a trait only really found in the X-Men expansion, and several cards in the sets that followed. The recent Marvel Legends expansion featured a much stronger X-Men team, but due to a ‘back to basics’ style of gameplay, the ‘Mutant’ traits were removed. Thus, only three possible outcomes remained:

  • Use the Doomed Earth deck.
  • Eat my dinner.
  • Create a mutant-hybrid of old and new X-Men cards.

I went for the latter, and set to work. I was slightly impaired in my task by the fact that my MVL X-Men cards I’d ordered were still being delivered, thanks to postal strikes, but I was sure I could still sort things out without the cards in front of me.

As such, I required a deck with as many Mutant cards as possible, and for the inevitable Gambit card’s Stun effect, they needed to be Energy as well. I began sorting through the possible combinations, when I finally came across one card I’d forgotten about, due to mostly playing mono-team decks; Brave New World. This card, with the price of needing a team-up, has the ongoing effect of making all characters you control Mutants, with a specified type. (Energy, Physical or Mental.)

With this card, I could use Mutant Massacre as and when needed after Turn 3, when Brave New World was allowed to be played. The only problem came in needing a Team-Up, in a deck that was supposed to be primarily X-Men based. I didn’t want to add in some random 1-drop just for the sake of getting this card to be effective, and that’s where Wolverine <> Skrunucklehead popped in to save the day. Being the only Dual-Affiliated X-Men character below a cost of 5 in the whole Silver Age format, and at the right level for Brave New World to be run at, it was near-vital this Wolverine was added to the deck, for three reasons:

  1. Brave New World could be used with the Skrull affiliation, thereby making everyone Energy Mutants.
  2. Wolverine could be searched out with Mobilize, as everyone else is X-Men, and so is he.
  3. Recruiting a Wolverine at Turn 3, saves me having to use a Bodyslide later on to enable the 7-drop Wolverine’s super-crazy stun effect.

Having all characters as Energy-Mutants also meant I could slightly abuse the rather good Drain Essence, in place of Finishing Move. As well as the Stun->KO effect, it allows me to gain Endurance equal to an exhausted character’s cost. Using my Fastball Special technique from my earlier X-Men deck would mean that the surrounding characters to the one I had Mutant Massacred would fall easily as well, and give me a small boost whilst they were at it. All that was left needed, was an actual decklist:

“They Came and Mutate Us”

4 x Multiple Man (MXM)
4 x  Multiple Man (MVL)
4 x Jean Grey <> Teen Telepath
4 x Gambit <> Swamp Rat
3 x Cable <> Nathan Summers
4 x Wolverine <> Skrunucklehead
3 x Havok <> Critical Mass
2 x Bishop <> Time Cop
3 x Gambit <> Rajin’ Cajun
3 x Jean Grey <> Phoenix Rising
2 x Cable <> Askani’Son
2 x Iceman <> Deep Freeze 1 x Wolverine <> Bloodlust
1 x Jean Grey <> Phoenix Force

Plot Twists
2 x Bodyslide
3 x Fastball Special
2 x Mobilize
3 x Children of The Atom
4 x Mutant Massacre
3 x Drain Essence
3 x Brave New World

Now the tough part, deciding between the two decks.


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