Hulk Busting

The new Hulk preview is up, and it’s an extremely potent Plot-Twist:

This card works in a similar fashion to Caiera from yesterday, allowing at a basic level, the opportunity for your Hulk to swing twice in one round, which coupled with the inevitable +ATK effects we’re likely to see, is going to be some serious damage to your opponent’s endurance. The difference with this card is the fact that the effect is usable two whole turns earlier, and without the cost of removing some of your board presence. It comes at the price of stunning the Hulk you want to use the effect on, and losing the card’s cost in endurance, but between 3 and 8 endurance is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

Now, with what very little we’ve seen so far, Hulk is going to be one seriously tough character to put down, and keep down. The question is; how do we do that? Before today, it seemed that an out-of-combat stun, and a Finishing Move would very likely clear the board for your own characters to hit straight-to-the-face, with Hulk’s apparent strategy of having only one character in play each turn. Now, with this card, all manner of ‘Target’ effects are rendered useless as of Turn 4, provided they have this card, and more than likely some copies of Pathetic Attempt. So how do we try and sort this situation out?

My answer right now? Alternate win condition.

Of course, it’s a Brotherhood way of dealing with things, as the X-Men don’t appear to have anything that can deal with Hulk efficiently until Turn 7, with Professor X, World’s Most Powerful Telepath. This card used against Hulk, Savage Hulk is potentially a game winner, until it gets negated with today’s previewed card thanks to the Professor’s ‘Target’ effect. Thus, the answer lies with the Brotherhood, and an odd concept for them; stalling. Why, I hear you ask?

Simple, this card: Xorn’s Takeover.

Provided you can get the card out on Turn 4, then a Turn 6 win is possible. Against normal decks, this card suffers from Brotherhood decks ideally wanting to keep characters in play to cause damage, and get the game over with as quick as possible. In this case, we only need to potentially stun/remove one opposing character each turn, due to Hulk’s lone-character play. There are two ways I can see of doing this:

1.) Deliberately sending non-beefed up characters into Hulk without any help, to ensure they get stunned whilst attacking, and Hulk doesn’t, before sending in one character with enough +ATK to stun Hulk, and a low enough DEF to get stunned back. The board is all stunned, and Xorn’s Takeover gets one of it’s counters added.

2.) Getting to the Recovery phase with a lone Magneto in play, then playing Metallic Assault to get rid of Hulk and Magneto, leaving the board empty.

There’s also the option of using the Target-based effect of Finishing Move, but it’s risky with Righteous Anger and Pathetic Attempt being around.

So, the question remains; what can you think of that’ll defeat Hulk….or is he simply unstoppable?


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