I’m Bored, Let’s Build a Quicksilver Deck

“Oh no!” I hear you cry. “He’s going to go and abuse Quicksilver, Inhuman By Marriage in some new way!” Well, fear not, I aim not to use it in an abusive fashion, if at all. I’m making a Quicksilver legend deck because in the comics, especially in X-Factor, Pietro Maximoff really is a dick, but you can’t help but love him as an anti-hero/villain. or at least, I can’t.

For those not in the know, Pietro, along with his sister, Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, are the children of one of the greatest villains of all time; Magneto. This wasn’t revealed until the siblings were in their late teens, and rather than a happy reunion, this fact has helped to alienate the ‘family’ on more than one occasion.

Other notable plots involving Quicksilver include the fact he caused the ‘House of M’ story to occur by convincing Scarlet Witch to alter reality to suit his own wants. He has a daughter, Luna, with the Inhuman called Crystal, and in an attempt to kidnap his daughter, he stole Terrigen crystals from the Inhumans, and ended up using them on de-powered mutants back on Earth. A side effect of this was that the mutant’s powers would overload, normally resulting in their death, which led to a number of run-ins with the modern-day X-Factor, until the Terrigen crystals are eventually removed by Rictor.

Anyhows, enough of the background, let’s look at the cards available in Silver Age. There’s already ‘Inhuman By Marriage’ as mentioned above. From Marvel Legends, there’s Mercurial Speedster, a 2-drop with an automatic breakthrough-enabler, providing your ATK is high enough. Speed Demon provides the opportunity for a double-attack with him each turn, at the cost of a Brotherhood-card discard. From the X-Men Starter pack, there’s Magneto’s Son, which acts like a second Avalanched!, which can help get rid of a pesky support-row character if your first attempt gets hit by the now ever-present Pathetic Attempt.

Finally, moving away from the Brotherhood alignment, and back to Inhumans, there is Terrigenesis Rebirth, which allows Quicksilver to step in to an attack in place of a character you’ve already declared an attack with. This is useful for when you’ve sent in a lower-cost character, just for them to become outstatted due to some Plot Twists your opponent had in their hand, and if used correctly, could feign your opponent into *not* playing ATK/DEF pumps, as they’re expecting less of an impact.

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘proper’ legend support for Quicksilver just yet, meaning I’ll have to use most, if not all of the character cards available, which means sorting out a team-up between Brotherhood and Inhumans, which, with the help of Crystal, Elementelle shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, whaddya know, she was married to Quicksilver once, how handy!

So, to the deck itself:

“My Family’s Only Inhuman After All.”


2x Lockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend
4x Luna Maximoff, Only Human
3x Quicksilver, Mercurial Speedster
3x Quicksilver, Inhuman By Marriage
4x Scarlet Witch, Mistress of Magic
4x Crystal, Elementelle
4x Magneto, Mutant Supreme
3x Quicksilver, Speed Demon
2x Quicksilver, Magneto’s Son
2x Quicksilver, Terrigenesis Rebirth
1x Magneto, Master of Magnetism

Plot Twists.

4x Savage Beatdown
4x Planet X
4x Avalanched!
4x Sibling Support
4x Justice Is Served!


2x Asteroid M
2x Wundagore Citadel
2x The Great Refuge


2x Mindtap Mechanism

So, that’s the deck in a nutshell. Essentially, it plays as a Brotherhood deck, with the Inhuman parts there to crossover and do character-searching with. I realise there’s only one 4-drop, which is Magneto, but I’m trying to keep things in the family, and the other viable four-drops from Marvel Legends are Mystique and Sabretooth, neither of whom are related to Quicksilver. Well, yet anyway, it is Marvel after all.

And I told you I wouldn’t abuse Inhuman By Marriage.


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