“It’s a Crazy Idea, But It Might. Just. Work.”

I love the Insanity keyword. Having added bonus effects at the cost of only being able to have one of any version of a card adds a strategic twist to a game, whether you’re playing with or against the deck. With many ‘normal’ decks, you can be near-guaranteed of certain cards making an appearance. (Mobilize and Enemy of My Enemy are two that spring instantly to mind.)

When playing with Insanity, there’s a good chance both of those cards will be there. But that’s 2 down, 58 to go. The odds have gone from 1 in 15 to 1 in 60 of pulling out one of those cards at the start of the game. So what gets put in there instead requires some ingenious, and sometimes lateral thinking about how the game is going to play out. A number of Insanity cards are team-stamped to Arkham Inmates, so character cards for them are likely to be in there, along with a second roster of characters to team up with, probably to take advantage of Arkham’s exhaustion tricks.

That all sounds like fun. Now, seeing as my decks are beginning to be focused on the X-Men (hence the renaming of the blog), let’s make an X-Men insanity deck.

ParoXysm. *

Harley Quinn <> Mr J’s Girl
Shadowcat <> Phase Shifter
Domino <> Neena Thurman
Jubilee <> Mallrat
Multiple Man <> Madrox

The Penguin <> Crime’s Early Bird
Havok <> Unstable Son
Jean Grey <> Teen Telepath
Professor X <> Idealistic Dreamer
Gambit <> Swamp Rat

Cable <> Nathan Summers
Wolverine <> Logan
Beast <> Bookworm
The Joker <> Out Of His Mind
Nightcrawler <> Man of The Cloth

Iceman <> Frosty
Batzarro <> World’s Worst Detective
Rogue <> Power Absorption
Emma Frost <> Ice Queen
Bishop <> Time Cop
Archangel <> Aeroballistic

Scarecrow <> Fear & Loathing
Catwoman <> Jewel Thief
Psylocke <> Second Skin
Wolverine <> Bub
Jean Grey <> Phoenix Rising

Two-Face, Heads or Tails
The Joker <> Crazy For You
Storm <> Elemental Goddess
Mimic <> Exile
Cable <> Askani’Son

Basil Karlo <> Ultimate Clayface
X-Man <> Nate Grey
Professor X <> World’s Most Powerful Telepath
Wolverine <> Bloodlust

Bat-Mite <> #1 Fan
Jean Grey <> Phoenix Force

Insanity Cards
Jack-In-The Box
Arkham Asylum
Beside Myself
Burn Baby Burn
Money Talks
Pick a Card
Batter Up!

Non-Insanity Plot Twists & Locations
Splintering Consciousness
Finishing Move
Evil Lair
Usual Suspects
Savage Beatdown
Children of The Atom
It’s a Hard Life
Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning
Only Human
Marvel Crossover
New Mutations

I will admit I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play…but it’s going to be fun finding out.

* Paroxysm;
noun a sudden uncontrollable attack; “a paroxysm of giggling”; “a fit of coughing”; “convulsions of laughter”


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