Marvel Universe Previews

The preview seasons has arrived, and boy has it arrived in style:

The full news is over at VS System.com, but a quick summary:

  • Previews start next week.
  • Two previews a week will be on VSSystem.com, others will be done by the bloggers.
  • World Championships date and venue announced; Origins Game Fair, June 25-29, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • DCX cards now available on the UDE Points Store (Though we knew that already.)

Whilst the two previewed cards themselves are pretty darn tasty, one little bit has whet my appetite even more. The Dual-Affiliation of Captain America with The Avangers and The Invaders. My moment of pure speculation is that as Marvel’s title ‘The Twelve’ has been released in recent months, there may be an inclusion of them in the ‘Invaders’ team.

Obligatory Comic-Book Lore: The Invaders were the hero team of World War 2 in the Marvel Universe, consisting of Captain America, Bucky, Namor, the original Human Torch, and several others. Alongside numerous heroes of the time, they led the charge into Berlin at the end of the war, including twelve now long-forgotten heroes from when Marvel Comics was known as Timely Comics, including The Phantom Reporter, The Laughing Mask, Master Mind Excello and Black Widow.

During the raid on Berlin, The Twelve, as they’re now known in the monthly comic, were frozen in time by Nazi scientists, and have awoken in the present day, with the consequences one can expect from not being around for sixty years. With the Invaders team, it just seems like too good an opportunity to waste not to have them included in this, or the next Marvel set. (Though the comic-book will be over by the time of the next release.)

Anyhows, I’ll leave with a very small hint to UDE as to who I’d like to preview if given the chance:


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