Music Monday: Oracular Spectacular

And so, in a similar vein to Good Gaming Friday, I’ll be posting up reviews of new/classic albums, beginning with:

Oracular Spectacular is an introspective album, looking back at childhood and aspects of youth, and the realisation of eventually having to grow old and enter the ‘real world’. By no means is this a concept album, there’s no story to tell, but there’s a link between many of the songs, such as ‘Time To Pretend’, ‘The Youth’ and ‘The Handshake’ that ties into this progression through life. Placing poignant messages aside however, is the music up to scratch as well? The album’s opener, and lead single for the album, ‘Time To Pretend’ is a cacophony of contrasting synthesisers, thundering and twee at the same times, and an off-beat drum beat, that meld into one seamless whole with the vocals, leading to a potential candidate for single of the year.

The energy present in the opener is felt in other songs such as ‘Electric Feel’, a disco-esque stomper, and ‘Kids’, another blast of electronic melancholy. In other songs, conventional instruments come into play, ‘Weekend Warriors’ is a semi-psychedelic trip to the mock battles most of us played when we were younger, and the sound of ‘Pieces of What’ harks back to the sound of classic rock musicians, such as Roy Orbison or Buddy Holly, whilst still sounding modern and up-to-date.

However, there some low-points to the album, the album closer ‘Future Reflections’ is somewhat of a letdown after the vibrant energy that precedes it, and ‘Of Moons, Birds & Monsters’ feels rather like filler content than anything else. Overall though, the album is a worthy purchase as both a pop and an goatee-stroker purchase, which almost never fails to impress.

Song To Download: Time To Pretend

Song To Skip Past: Of Moons, Birds & Monsters

Overall Score: 8/10


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