Play-Testing Time

With little over a month to go until the UK Championships, it’s time to finally whittle my selected deck down to the best I can get it. The format for the tournament is Bring Your Own Set, in which the players pick one of the VS sets that UDE have released, and build a deck solely with cards from that set, so that every card has the same starting digits in the bottom-left corner. (For example, DJL, MXM, MTU etc.) If a card’s been reprinted from an earlier set, then the early versions of that card can still be used, which helps greatly with the cheap Savage Beatdowns I purchased.

The deck I’ll be playing is The Brotherhood, from the Marvel Legends deck. I won’t be posting my deck-listing up until after the event though, just in case someone sees it and decides to tech against it where they wouldn’t have otherwise. Thankfully, I shouldn’t need to build against Fate Gear too much, as it can’t be used in conjunction with Quicksilver or Bizarro World, the two prominent cards for it, but the Fate Gear does come from the Infinite Crisis set, which includes Checkmate, a team commonly found in the Top 8 of previous tournaments.

Playing against a MVL Brotherhood deck last night, I saw how insanely good it could be, especially with Insignificant Threat in the mix. Having raised my lone attacker boosted to 27 ATK with multiple pumps, only to have it stunned as it was one drop lower, was enough for me to concede the game. Hopefully I can conjure some of that magic at the tournament, especially as Pathetic Attempt can’t be played, unless someone’s crazy enough to run a MCG deck.

Of course, Amit was crazy enough to play Mysterium at the Elite Series and pull it off, so who knows?


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