The Quicksilver Legend, Pt.2

After posting my previous build up on the VS Reams Deck Garage, some discussion went into the build, and with help from TheDerangedBear and Doomstat, the deck’s evolved to be a bit more competitive. Although TDB suggested removing the Team-Up between Inhumans and Brotherhood, for me, that’s an essential part of the deck, as Lockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend searches for ‘Inhumans’, and Attilan requires an Inhuman character in play to use its deck-search.

So, the deck as it stands right now:


3x Lockjaw, Inhuman’s Best Friend
2x Luna Maximoff, Only Human
4x Quicksilver, Mercurial Speedster
4x Quicksilver, Inhuman By Marriage
4x Scarlet Witch, Mistress of Magic
4x Crystal, Elementelle
4x Magneto, Mutant Supreme
3x Quicksilver, Speed Demon
2x Quicksilver, Magneto’s Son
2x Quicksilver, Terrigenesis Rebirth
1x Magneto, Master of Magnetism

Plot Twists.

4x Savage Beatdown
2x Planet X
3x Avalanched!
4x Big Leagues
3x Justice is Served!
3x New and Improved


3x Underground Resistance
3x Attilan
2x Stryker’s Island

Planet X can be moved down to just two copies, as Crystal is going to search it out on Turn 3. The second copy is there to be placed on top of the deck by Attilan, and can then replace the first Planet X’s +2 ATK effect, without losing the Team-Up for more than an attack.

Attilan’s deck-searching is also why The Great Refuge has been taken out, due to Attilan’s ability to search for any card, not just a character card.It comes at the cost of needing all my resources face-up, but that should be obtainable seeing as I’ll be using ATK pumps like nobody’s business, three cards will be Locations, which will stay face-up, and one is an Ongoing Plot Twist, which also works that way. Attilan also offsets the effect of Underground Resistance, by allowing you to pick up a second-in-importance card right back from the bottom of the deck, and put it back on top, ready to be drawn next turn.

I’ve added in a couple of extra 2-drop Quicksilver cards, to be used as Power-Ups, or to just make hitting Quicksilver that little bit easier at the start of the game. New and Improved works impressively well in this deck, due to the amount of Quicksilvers I’ll have bouncing on and off the board, and I’ve added in Big Leagues for some added +ATK goodness.

Now the deck’s looking a lot more ship-shape, and ready to beat off the other legends, even if they have Fate Gear.


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