Thursday Thirteens

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Thirteen Things I Love About My Life.

1.) Being able to wake up in the morning, and appreciate all the items I’ve amassed. It may sound shallow, but though I’m materialistic, I’m always grateful for having the things I do. I’ve worked hard to earn enough to buy most of them, and not a single penny ever feels like it’s been wasted.

2.) My education. I know a lot about a little, and a little about a lot, which is more than some people can say. There’s those who are unfortunate enough to not be able to receive a proper education, and then there’s those who waste the opportunity they’ve had, and I’m grateful I’m not in either of the other two camps.

3.) My musical ability. I may not be Beethoven when composing or playing, but I’m reasonably good, despite being self-taught on Piano, and nothing quite compares to being able to play a song you love, in private, or to others.

4.) Good friends. Though some have disappeared over the years, others have been there since birth, and even if I eventually drift apart from even more, I’ll always be thankful for the good times we had.

5.) Commodore 64. Without this home computer, I’d never have gotten into video games, and thus quite a large part of my personality would be rather radically different. It may be ancient, but it’ll still get plugged into the big HDTV we have in the living room for some retro fun.

6.) Science. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it, and the announcement every week of a new breakthrough pushes humanity that little bit closer to the future. The idea that things such as time-travel, or teleportation could one day actually happen fills me with the same excitement as if I was still four years old and thought about it.

7.) Some members of my family. Whilst there’s certain members of my more-distant family I’d be happy to never see again, others, such as my mother and sister, and my grandparents on my mother’s side, have always been there for me, especially my grandfather being like a father-figure to me whilst I was growing up.

8.) The Internet. Without this, I’d never have met such a diverse and entertaining roster of people, some of which have become my closest friends. I’d also never have met the most beautiful girl in the world, which would lead me on to:

9.) Ellen. I met her through roleplaying on an MMO, and finally met her face-to-face a few months later at a player convention. Since then, I’ve always eagerly anticipated the next time I get to see her, and though our first attempt at a relationship had to be halted due to things going on in her life, I still know there’s hope for the future once things are cleared up. I’ve never felt this strong a connection to someone before, and I won’t lose it without a fight.

10.) My passionate personality. I’m not talking romantic passion, as I’ll admit I’m not much of a Romeo, but rather the fact that once my mind is set on something, I will work until I achieve it. I’ll always stand my ground in an argument, (unless I’m wrong, then I’ll concede) and I’ll always defend my friends.

11.) Roleplaying. It’s fantastic. Being able to act out a completely different person, in fantastical situations, is better than watching a movie, or reading a book, as you’re helping to shape and decide what’s coming next.

12.) That feeling you get from helping someone. It’s truly great. I can’t see why anyone would want to do any different, and be anti-social towards others.

13.) Living in the UK. It’s not perfect, but I dread to think of all the things I would have missed if I’d been born in a third-world country, and I’m grateful for being in a developed, democratic country.


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