UK Nationals Decklist (Brotherhood)

Now that I’ve had a few days to calm down, compose myself, and bear to look at my Brotherhood deck again, a quick posting of what it is I actually played:


4x Pyro, St. John Allerdyce
4x Quicksilver, Mercurial Speedster
4x Juggernaut, Champion of Cyttorak
4x Magneto, Mutant Terrorist
4x Sabretooth, Feral Rage
4x Magneto, Mutant Supreme
2x Quicksilver, Speed Demon
2x Juggernaut, Walking Disaster
2x Sentinel Mark VII, Repurposed
2x Mystique, Shape-Changing Assassin
1x Magneto, Master of Magnetism

Plot Twists

3x Avalanched!
3x Insignificant Threat
3x Sibling Support
4x Devastating Blow
4x Savage Beatdown
2x Crushing Blow
3x Mobilize


2x Asteroid M


2x Juggernaut’s Helmet

The primary focus of the deck is to create as much chance if breakthrough as possible, by playing higher-statted characters who cause it naturally, 2-drop Quicksilver who removes reinforcement altogether when attacking, or Avalanched! which negates the possibility of reinforcement in most cases by exhausting support row characters. After the breakthrough is established, the majority of the plot twists are attack pumps to boost the damage done, with the intention of stacking up attack pumps until about turn 4/5, then creating one super-breakthrough amount in the hope of reducing the opponent’s endurance total enough that they decide to scoop.

The deck is (normally) also consistent enough to work as a simple curve-attack deck, until you can recruit the 7-drop Juggernaut, which is generally a game winner, due to two resources being knocked off of an opponent each turn from that point onwards, meaning they’ll be having to underdrop continuously, whilst you’re able to recruit both 7-drops and other characters if the game somehow manages to last that long. This is also a very nice tactic against deck like Heralds of Galactus, as their game will normally revolve around making sure the game gets to turn 9 to recruit Galactus. However, if they haven’t the resources to pay for him, then it’s game over.

It’s not just the high-end game that the deck works against. ‘Weenie’ rush decks also suffer from the likes of Insignificant Threat, which prevents from attacks up the curve from working against you, Asteroid M, which gives an added +4 ATK against characters with a lesser cost, where you’ll already have a higher ATK->DEF ratio as it is, and the two lower-drop Magnetos, who stun 1-drops, and the lowest costs cards in play.

The only thing I would say, looking back, that the deck is missing is card-draw/deck-cycling, which can be achieved with Underground Resistance, at the cost of a discarded Brotherhood card. I would probably replace the two Crushing Blows with this card if I played again, as the additional +3/+3 against an exhausted defender is something that can be traded away with the number of attack pumps already present in the deck.

Don’t let my poor performance at the UK Nationals put you off the same or a similar deck. 90% of the time, this deck puts up a bloody good fight, and has won against MKKO, Secret Society and the newer JLA cards. I just happened to have that really awful 10% of bad luck/draws during the entirety of the tournament itself, which it’s going to take a week or two to stop being slightly bitter at. I’m now working on a Modern Age variant, to broaden my horizons with plot-twists, especially Big Leagues for +4 ATK, and Blind Sided, to remove reinforcement completely for a character for a turn.



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