Weekend & A Half

Friday 19th October 2007. 10am. I decide on the spur of the moment, I’m going to attend the London Elite Series. The next day. 430 miles away. Cue some intensive searching for train tickets below the £100 mark, and a hotel room. Thankfully, those were booked rather speedily, and so I packed, and set off for the South.

Seven hours of trains, underground and Marillion later, I arrived in Euston, and realised I’d left the location of the hotel at home. And the details for the Elite Series. And my rulebook to brush up on. An hour or so later, with the help of the County Hotel, which coincidentally was where the Elite Series was to be held the next day, I found my hotel, and proceeded to a good night’s sleep, after a stupidly expensive casserole.

The next day, I proceeded to the Elite Series location, budged past all the silly MTG players. (Though one girl was rather fine-looking, and was obviously playing the wrong game that day.) There I met Steve, Stephen, Amit and Garry.

And that was it. Five players. Quite possibly the only Elite Series in England that day, and five people showed up. It was a bit of a disappointment, after hearing there had been 16 or so at the last one, but still, I was playing VS, and that’s always a good thing.

As my X-Men cards had not arrived in the post, I was playing the Doomed Earth deck from the earlier article, with a slight change of:

-4 x Moloids
+4 x Divinity <> Vampiric General

Due to the low turnout, we decided on a round-robin play, with each person facing each other once, and places being decided on who had the most wins from those five games. I subsequently bombed, due to the fact that, as stated previously, I’d never playtested Doomed Earth before, and thus had no idea how to play the deck. Thankfully, the guys gave me tips as I went on, and by the last two games I was at least putting up a fight, and might have stood a chance against Amit’s deck, if he hadn’t had that pesky Venom <> Lethal Protector continously exhausting my Dr. Doom before I had the chance to recruit more Moloids with him.

A more detailed breakdown on the event can be found over at Steve ‘Kamiza’ ‘s Watchtower videoblog, Episode 6, found HERE. In all, despite the low turnout, I still enjoyed myself, and managed to get some cheap-priced card+playmat goodness from Stephen.

Afterwards, I headed back home for Worthing, but what happened there isn’t for the public. 😉


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