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Catching Up

So, in the past few days, with birthday celebrations and such, I’ve finally seen three movies I’ve been meaning to see for a while now, some more recently than others.

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score

After the announcement of more new Futurama a small while back, I was looking forward to this with glee. Then, it arrived, and suddenly the experience of The Simpsons Movie came flooding back. Make no mistake, Bender’s Big Score is simply one extended episode, with the gaps between jokes also extended. It’s still funny in parts, but even Dr Zoidberg falling for a Nigerian scam email fails to save this from being a disappointment. Thankfully, the second release, Beast With a Billion Backs, is a much better affair, but I’ll leave that for another time.


In tenuous link mode, I saw the trailer for this when I went to see the aforementioned Simpsons movie at the cinema, and knew I had to see this movie, as it seemed to echo the fantasy greats of the 1980’s, such as The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The Princess Bride. Unfortunately, due to time and money constraints, I never managed to see it at the cinema, and recently picked it up on DVD.

I’m glad that I did (under the advice of my best friend Eilidh), as it’s without a doubt one of the best fantasy films I’ve ever seen. The characters are charming and charismatic, the backdrops are breathtaking, and the story is a classic fairy-tale, unmarred by modern sensibilities. Aside from one slightly deus ex machina part towards the end, I couldn’t find a single fault with this film, and even then, being a fairy-tale, I think I can forgive some previously-unexplained magic saving the day.

The Birds

A Hitchcock classic, but one that I hadn’t actually seen up until tonight. Even though the effects obviously look a little dated nowadays, it’s quite surprising how tense the film still manages to be. The claustrophobic nature of the small town works perfectly, and as I somehow have never had the ending spoilt for me, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout, wondering how things were going to pan out. The film starts out my planned run-through of a collection of Hitchcock films, due to HMV having a generous boxset of about 12 films going for £25. (Plus i picked up North by North-West separately at the same time.)

So, that’s three catch-ups there, and hopefully I’ll be returning to my usual Music Mondays and Good Gaming Fridays soon enough. The VS System related stuff is going to remain laying low until I manage to buy some new cards, and get back into being able to actually play it.

Until next time, toodle-pip.


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