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Horses, Hulk and Handfuls of Cash

This was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, and the Wednesday before that…and the Wednesday before that. Unfortunately, Wednesday seems to be a darn-awful day to try and get anything done. Plus, I’ve had to start getting down to business with my revision for a couple of exams next week. So, I finally present; the deck I won’t be taking to the World Championships, but would love to:

Horse Patrol (Modern)


4x Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr
4x The Infinites, AoA
4x Sugar Man, AoA
4x Mento, Steve Dayton
4x Negative Man, Larry Trainor
4x Dark Beast, AoA
3x Robotman, Cliff Steele
3x Apocalypse, AoA (5-drop)
2x Beast Boy, Freak of Nature
1x Mikhail Rasputin, AoA
1x Apocalypse, AoA (8-drop)

Plot Twists

4x Freak Out
4x Heroic Effort
3x Marvel Crossover
4x Misfits
3x Pathetic Attempt
2x Omnipotence
2x Strange Days


2x Dayton Manor
2x Breeding Pens

It’s a standard Doom Patrol/Horsemen of Apocalypse team-up, with the aim of surviving through until Turn 5, and then dumping as many +1/+1 counters onto the 5-drop Apocalypse as possible. I had a version of this deck floating around back when DC Legends first came out, but this is the first time I’ve updated it to include The Infinites and Breeding Pens. Unfortunately, the deck tends to not hold it’s weight against some of the bigger decks out there, which is why the Pathetic Attempts and Omnipotences are included. As it’s not quite as competitive a deck as my Brotherhood one is, I’ll not be considering using this for the World Championships in June, but it’s one that sees play online from time to time. Also, I’m still awaiting many of the cards from the UDE Points Store, so this deck can’t be created by me in real-life just yet anyhow.

I’ve also had to skimp on my views on the new Marvel Universe Hulk cards previewed this week, thanks to the revision again. So, whilst I can’t fit them all into this one post, I’ll place up the one that’s most intriguing for me.

So, you may simply be thinking; “It’s a Hulk-stamped ungodly +8 ATK card. Aside from making me go and cry in the corner, what’s the big deal?” Well, the deal is Mystique, Shapely Shifter. From Turn 4, she can go “Hello, I’m now called Hulk. Give me the +8 ATK goodness please.” A rather nice addition to my Brotherhood deck, and if I can get a playset of this card, Sabretooth may have to make way for the shape-shifting lady.

And in addendum, I finally get my loans/grants for this term at University tomorrow, so I can go and pre-order my boxes of Marvel Universe, and buy the singles I need to finish off my Modern Brotherhood deck. If I can find copies of Random that is.



The first time I encountered this word was the infamous computer game of the same name on my Commodore 64, back when I was about four years old. I still have that system, and of course, Elite takes a top place in my games collection, enough that I still have the 20-odd year old Ship Identification Chart up on my wall.

The word ‘Elite’ to my young ears conjured up grandiose images of being one amongst the many, a pinnacle of skill and tactics, and ultimately, having a kick-ass spaceship. Nowadays, the word ‘Elite’ is enough to get me excited again, as the Elite Series are approaching on the starboard bow for a second barrage of VS goodness.

First time around, back in June this year, the format was a sealed-draft from the Marvel Team-Up expansion. Turnout in my area was unfortunately low, with only the bare minimum needed to run the tournament actually turning up, meaning I automatically qualified for the Top 8, and got my Extended Art EoME.

This time, we’re expecting a lot more players, and it’s now Silver-Age constructed, so I’m going to need to up my game to actually get somewhere, especially with the more top-heavy prize support from UDE.

Thus, a decision had to be made, play a deck made to win, or play a deck and make it win? Out of my collection, I had three Silver-Age decks available; Doomed Earth, Heralds of Galactus Stall, and X-Men Energy Burn.

The first, Doomed Earth, was taken from a deck-list Augustus over on VS. Realms had posted back in December 2006, and at the time I started VS back in March/April, I got two boxes of the HoG expansion, and happened to have most of the cards needed for this, so decided to build it, not realising it was a slightly prominent force in the competitive scene. The link for Augustus’ original thread is here: Doomed Earth

For a quick glance:

Doomed Earth.

12 x Moloids
4 x  Mole Man <> Moloid Master
4 x Elite Doom Guards
4 x Dr. Doom <> Richard’s Rival
4 x Doom-Bot Corps
4 x Mr. Fantastic <> Doom’s Adversary

4 x Doomed Earth
4 x Unthinkable
4 x Doom Needs Only Doom
4 x Mask of Doom
4 x Armies of Doom
4 x Super Genius

4 x Arsenal of Doom

The main intention of this deck, (taken from the thread linked above);
“Drop as many Doomed Earth as possible and play as many characters as possible each turn. Cause massive breakthrough to win the game.”

It’s so simple, and yet, so effective. If you’re lucky enough, you can have 4 Doomed Earths in play, giving a whopping +8 ATK to each character. Then with judicious team-attacking, you could probably clear the table at around Turn 4/5. So, a competitive deck made to win. The only problem? I’ve never had the chance to playtest it. I’d be going in blind, as it’s unlikely I’ll have time for an informal match-up before the actual event thanks to University work.

The ponderings of the X-Men and HoG decks will have to wait until next time, as I’m about to run late for a roleplaying session.

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