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Hulk Busting

The new Hulk preview is up, and it’s an extremely potent Plot-Twist:

This card works in a similar fashion to Caiera from yesterday, allowing at a basic level, the opportunity for your Hulk to swing twice in one round, which coupled with the inevitable +ATK effects we’re likely to see, is going to be some serious damage to your opponent’s endurance. The difference with this card is the fact that the effect is usable two whole turns earlier, and without the cost of removing some of your board presence. It comes at the price of stunning the Hulk you want to use the effect on, and losing the card’s cost in endurance, but between 3 and 8 endurance is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

Now, with what very little we’ve seen so far, Hulk is going to be one seriously tough character to put down, and keep down. The question is; how do we do that? Before today, it seemed that an out-of-combat stun, and a Finishing Move would very likely clear the board for your own characters to hit straight-to-the-face, with Hulk’s apparent strategy of having only one character in play each turn. Now, with this card, all manner of ‘Target’ effects are rendered useless as of Turn 4, provided they have this card, and more than likely some copies of Pathetic Attempt. So how do we try and sort this situation out?

My answer right now? Alternate win condition.

Of course, it’s a Brotherhood way of dealing with things, as the X-Men don’t appear to have anything that can deal with Hulk efficiently until Turn 7, with Professor X, World’s Most Powerful Telepath. This card used against Hulk, Savage Hulk is potentially a game winner, until it gets negated with today’s previewed card thanks to the Professor’s ‘Target’ effect. Thus, the answer lies with the Brotherhood, and an odd concept for them; stalling. Why, I hear you ask?

Simple, this card: Xorn’s Takeover.

Provided you can get the card out on Turn 4, then a Turn 6 win is possible. Against normal decks, this card suffers from Brotherhood decks ideally wanting to keep characters in play to cause damage, and get the game over with as quick as possible. In this case, we only need to potentially stun/remove one opposing character each turn, due to Hulk’s lone-character play. There are two ways I can see of doing this:

1.) Deliberately sending non-beefed up characters into Hulk without any help, to ensure they get stunned whilst attacking, and Hulk doesn’t, before sending in one character with enough +ATK to stun Hulk, and a low enough DEF to get stunned back. The board is all stunned, and Xorn’s Takeover gets one of it’s counters added.

2.) Getting to the Recovery phase with a lone Magneto in play, then playing Metallic Assault to get rid of Hulk and Magneto, leaving the board empty.

There’s also the option of using the Target-based effect of Finishing Move, but it’s risky with Righteous Anger and Pathetic Attempt being around.

So, the question remains; what can you think of that’ll defeat Hulk….or is he simply unstoppable?


…and New Marvel Universe Hulk Cards.

Blimey, slightly info-packed today it seems. Over at, there’s not one, but two previews of new Hulk cards from the forthcoming Marvel Universe set.

Looking at the 4-drop Hulk, the usage of a ‘gamma counter’ indicates a number of similar effects will be in play for Hulk, and possibly the Warbound team as a whole. Obviously, it takes it’s influence from the ‘Cosmic’ ability, whilst ensuring that a team-up with Cosmic teams such as Heralds of Galactus doesn’t result in Hulk being given a godly amount of counters to result in a broken card. I notice that his ability to stun 2-drop characters in play doesn’t specify just opposing characters, which means some tactical consideration is probably needed as to whether getting rid of the enemy’s 2-drops is worth the cost of your own as well. However, with “The” Ben Seck’s description of a ‘lone-character’ system for the Warbound team, mostly focusing on Hulk, it seems likely you won’t have a 2-drop in play at Turn 4 anyway, which mitigates the effect the ability will have on yourself.

The second card, Caiera, initially seems a little weak for a 6-drop ability, until you notice that the text Hulk gains doesn’t include the phrase ‘cannot cause breakthrough’, meaning that, for instance, you can use Hulk, Savage Hulk twice in a row, so that if somehow you didn’t win the game on your first swing with the character, your newly-found second attack is going to cause even more serious damage. A very effective tactic if the opponent manages to reinforce the first time round, and also another potential game-ender in a Coming of Galactus game.

That’s the only cards that were previewed for today, with more coming up during the week, the links to which can be found in the article on


Marvel Universe Previews

The preview seasons has arrived, and boy has it arrived in style:

The full news is over at VS, but a quick summary:

  • Previews start next week.
  • Two previews a week will be on, others will be done by the bloggers.
  • World Championships date and venue announced; Origins Game Fair, June 25-29, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • DCX cards now available on the UDE Points Store (Though we knew that already.)

Whilst the two previewed cards themselves are pretty darn tasty, one little bit has whet my appetite even more. The Dual-Affiliation of Captain America with The Avangers and The Invaders. My moment of pure speculation is that as Marvel’s title ‘The Twelve’ has been released in recent months, there may be an inclusion of them in the ‘Invaders’ team.

Obligatory Comic-Book Lore: The Invaders were the hero team of World War 2 in the Marvel Universe, consisting of Captain America, Bucky, Namor, the original Human Torch, and several others. Alongside numerous heroes of the time, they led the charge into Berlin at the end of the war, including twelve now long-forgotten heroes from when Marvel Comics was known as Timely Comics, including The Phantom Reporter, The Laughing Mask, Master Mind Excello and Black Widow.

During the raid on Berlin, The Twelve, as they’re now known in the monthly comic, were frozen in time by Nazi scientists, and have awoken in the present day, with the consequences one can expect from not being around for sixty years. With the Invaders team, it just seems like too good an opportunity to waste not to have them included in this, or the next Marvel set. (Though the comic-book will be over by the time of the next release.)

Anyhows, I’ll leave with a very small hint to UDE as to who I’d like to preview if given the chance:


Play-Testing Time

With little over a month to go until the UK Championships, it’s time to finally whittle my selected deck down to the best I can get it. The format for the tournament is Bring Your Own Set, in which the players pick one of the VS sets that UDE have released, and build a deck solely with cards from that set, so that every card has the same starting digits in the bottom-left corner. (For example, DJL, MXM, MTU etc.) If a card’s been reprinted from an earlier set, then the early versions of that card can still be used, which helps greatly with the cheap Savage Beatdowns I purchased.

The deck I’ll be playing is The Brotherhood, from the Marvel Legends deck. I won’t be posting my deck-listing up until after the event though, just in case someone sees it and decides to tech against it where they wouldn’t have otherwise. Thankfully, I shouldn’t need to build against Fate Gear too much, as it can’t be used in conjunction with Quicksilver or Bizarro World, the two prominent cards for it, but the Fate Gear does come from the Infinite Crisis set, which includes Checkmate, a team commonly found in the Top 8 of previous tournaments.

Playing against a MVL Brotherhood deck last night, I saw how insanely good it could be, especially with Insignificant Threat in the mix. Having raised my lone attacker boosted to 27 ATK with multiple pumps, only to have it stunned as it was one drop lower, was enough for me to concede the game. Hopefully I can conjure some of that magic at the tournament, especially as Pathetic Attempt can’t be played, unless someone’s crazy enough to run a MCG deck.

Of course, Amit was crazy enough to play Mysterium at the Elite Series and pull it off, so who knows?

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